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Typical cases of Cemdeo Lighting


Clients & Projects

Cemdeo has 20 years’ manufacturing experience and project engineering experience. In China we participated in many national projects and provided products, applications and services for thousands of clients in governments, military and civil service companies.  The clients and projects are:

City Metros

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Cemdeo LED lights posses prominent advantages in energy saving, safe, long-life, easy light control and less maintenance. Our products have been applied to metro systems in China cities. At the same brightness, Cemdeo LED light saves up 90% energy  than incandescent lamps; At the same power consumption, LED luminate 40% brighter light than traditional fluorescent light or sodium lamp; LED lamp life has an average life-span of l00,000 hours; Its CRI is above 80. All these numbers are far beyond traditional lights' reach.

Beijing Olympics

In 2008, China Olympics dream came true. With the  spirit of green Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Games successfully turned all the sport matches into  fantastic visual feast, with the assistance of high performance professional sports lighting. It brings excellent field effect to billions of audience and television viewers. Every time when an athlete won a medal, a hidden champion should not be forgotten. It's Cemdeo products play its roll perfectly in the background and contribute to the great visual feast.

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National Defense

bluetooth music led light china factory

Cemdeo is government verified National Class Hi-tech Enterprise. Cemdeo always seriously carry its quality principle from the past to the future. Cemdeo is a German TüV Rheinland Lab certified ISO-9001 company. We have the permit of supplying to China National Defense. Air Force Commanding center of PLA, Air Force Air Traffic Controlling Office of PLA and Commanding center of PLA Second Artillery Forces are using Cemdeo products. After years of continuous service, they sent us letters of acknowledgements. Cemdeo products are spoken highly because of high quality, easy maintenance and durableness.

Shanghai Expo

In 2010, a global event is held in Shanghai.  People from all over the world got together to present their best technology and commodities. LED lights have done a great part in decorating the Shanghai Expo. Exhibition halls, showrooms and stages are bright and splendid. Behind the beautiful lighting effects, Doctor Liao guide Cemdeo engineers working intensively to present Cemdeo high performance products. Cemdeo products enhanced the visual effect of Brazil hall and Turkey hall at Shanghai Expo 2010.

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Public Service Projects

China ABC Bank
China Construction Bank
Foshan Commercial Bank
Chongqing Cable TV Station
Yibing Cable TV Station
Luzhou Cable TV Station
Guangzhou Cable TV Station
Guangdong Pear River Broadcasting
Chongqing Cable TV Station
Guangdong Nanhai Cable TV Station
Guangdong Taishang Cable TV Station
Telecom Zhuhai
Telecom Zencheng
Telecom Taishan
Telecom Jiangmen
Foshan Jiazhou Plaza Mall
Foshan Oriental Plaza Mall
Guiyang Pan County Streetlight
Guangzhou Traditional Hopistal
Guangzhou Traditional Medicine Hopistal
Zhongshan Da'an Gene Diagnostics Center
Nanhai District Traditional Hospital
Zhongshan City Xiaolan Hospital
Zhuhai City Traditional Hospital
Chongqin South-west Hospital
Chengdu Xinqiao Hospital
Chengdu Medical University Hospital
People's Hospital of Yongchuang City
Hunan Shaoyang Traditional Hospital
CGB Securities
Guangdong Securities
Hongrong Securities
Jiangmen Securities
Yunfu Public Security
Nanhai Public Security
Foshan Public Security
Jieyang Public Security
Jiangmen Public Security
Maoming Public Security
Guangdong Deqing Taxation Bureau
Guangdong Meizhou Taxation Bureau
Kaipin Taxation Bureau
Zhongshan Taxation Bureau
Yangchun Taxation Bureau
Xinning Taxation Bureau
Dongguang Taxation Bureau
Zhongshan Taxation Bureau
Guangzhou Taxation Bureau
Leshan Taxation Bureau
Chengdu Jingniu Taxation Bureau
Shunde Customs
Zhongshan Customs
Guangdong Traffic Bureau
Tianjing Power Supply Bureau
Changsha Power Supply Bureau
Kaiping Power Supply Bureau
Shansui Social Security Bureau
Foshan Social Security Bureau
Nanhai Social Security Bureau
Daqing Oil Field
Qinghai Oil Field
North China Oil Field
Dagang Oil Field

City Metro Projects

Beijing Metro Line 5
Beijing Light Railway Project
Beijing Metro Line 8 Dual
Beijing Metro Line 8
Beijing Metro Line 10
Beijing Metro Line 13
Tianjing Metro Line 1
China Railway Signal & Communication
China Railway Electrification
Beijing City Railway Co., Ltd
Beijing Jingtong Metro
China Software and Web Tech.
Beijing Railway Construction
Beijing Founder Computer System
Beijing Metro Operation Co., Ltd
Tianjin Metro Construction Co., Ltd
Hong Kong Metro Co., Ltd
Samsung Data System Co., Ltd

National Defense Cases

Air Force Commanding Center of PLA
Air Force Air Traffic Controlling Office of PLA
Commanding center of PLA Second Artillery Forces