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Cemdeo Bluetooth App Music Led Light

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Thank you for visiting us. We produce best quality LED lights. Our products are using international brand led chips, UL certified electronic components, first grade quality alloyed aluminum, the best circuit designs and the newest electronic soldering and surface mounting production lines (SMD). In order to achieve a best quality management, we have post doctor guides the technical division. Most of the technicians and engineers are post graduates of first class universities in China. Among these employees, they are skillful and professional specialists in electronic design, electrical analysis, optical research and electronic manufacturing quality control. To combine the manufacturing facility and the technical human source, we have rigid operation standards and rules. We are applying ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards of German Rheinland TüV Lab. We are producing the best quality LED lights, further we are providing first class lighting control systems and lighting energy saving systems. Cemdeo established a joint lab with Spanish researchers focusing on wireless intelligent controlling systems. Cemdeo Mayi system is a most convenient solution for a large area lighting intelligent controlling systems. Its wireless network reduce 90% electricity wire cost, it collects feedback data from each light, including each light status and its electricity consumption. It executes energy saving strategies in conditions of different zones, different time periods, and different lighting effects for each single light, or for a selected group of lights.
Cemdeo has 20 years’ manufacturing experience and project engineering experience. In China we participated in many national projects and provided products, applications and services for thousands of clients in governments, military and civil service companies.

Till now, Cemdeo has honorable titles and rewards as following:
A China Hi-tech Enterprise, granted by China government.
A Corporate Member of China Quality Certification Association
A China PLA Permitted Supplier
A stand-by Enterprise for Public listing, granted by Foshan government.
A Seed Company with Industrial and Official Support, granted by Foshan government.
A key member of Municipal Eagle plan, granted by Foshan government.
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Research and Joint Research Activities

 Cemdeo had a former manufacturing base covering 200,000 square feet. In 2010, in order to Low-carbon Intensive Manufacturing, we moved to Hantian High Tech. Park in 2010. Cemdeo was the first LED company who gave up its spacious office for the environment protection. We look for efficiency inwards and save the Earth step by step. South China Technology University, a first class research university in China, has set up a joint lab on optoelectronics research. Foshan government also entrusted Cemdeo to carry on the Inverter Power Technology Research Center. Cemdeo are embracing a National class Lab of the industry field in the future.

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R&D and Manufacturing

 Post Doctor Mr. Liao is guiding the technical team in Cemdeo. The team have more than 50 technicians and engineers. Their expertise respectively in LED electrical analysis,LED optical analysis, LED physical testing, LED circuit design, LED structure design,power drivers,UPS,LED mounting technique and etc.

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